Women’s 70’s Clothes

Welcome 70s girls! We at Mable’s are total retro-vintage addicts, and we’ve been dreaming and brainstorming about ways to bring vintage clothing to our site visitors. With 70s fashion proving itself as a more than just a trend – it’s been hot since summer 05′ and won’t be disappearing anytime soon – cuties everywhere are adorning themselves with the boho chic look. Flouncy gypsy skirts, embroidered peasant tops, Stevie Nicks inspired slouchy boots, scarves and lots of dripping jewelry are chief among the styles of 70s clothing.

The trick to wearing vintage clothes and looking retro-modern rather than hopelessly dated is all in the details. Don’t cover yourself in head to toe 70s attire. That’s great for a 70s costume, but not for a truly stylish outfit. A few well-chosen vintage pieces paired with some modern touches will produce the coveted modern bohemian look. If you start with a 70s peasant dress, you can pair it with some vintage jewelry and a scarf, but add some modern heels and a handbag to produce an eclectic yet fashionable ensemble. If you find a killer pair of high waisted jeans go ahead and flesh out the look with some retro wedges and huge sunglasses, but be sure to give some contrast with a modern blouse, too. It’s all about balance!

The 1960’s & 1970’s were a casual time for fashion, so have fun with this style. Before Reaganomics and spandex, there were hippies and lots of flouncy prairie-inspired bohemian clothing…

Have fun and stay groovy, everyone!