70’s Dresses

70s dresses come in so many eclectic, carefree styles! Empire waist dresses are perfect for casual days and are very figure flattering. Ethereal, bohemian style “hippie dresses” with lots of billowing fabric were popularized by Stevie Nicks in the 1970’s, but they’re back in style again. 

Prairie dresses from brands like Gunne Sax are the epitome of feminine and artistic style, and feature such embellishments as satin ribbons, corset lacing, eyelet lace, and tiny floral calico print fabrics. 

Tent/trapeze dresses are also enjoying a revival, with the hottest styles being embroidered, Mexican-inspired, or smocked. 

Disco dresses in bold colors and metallic fabrics are equally hot for clubwear or a sexy 70s costumes.